Canada’s Start-Up Visa Programme (“Start- Up Visa”)

What is the SUV Program?

Canada’s Start-Up Visa Programme (“Start- Up Visa”) is becoming a widely popular program for Permanent Residency in Canada. Focusing on entrepreneurs seeking to start innovative businesses, the Start-Up Visa offers a direct path to Permanent Residency. It’s not like some business programs, where temporary visas are issued. With this program, the visa is permanent and irrevocable for the whole family. This is the only visa program in Canada which offers an expedited pathway to permanent residency regardless of your education.

Who is a Designated Organization?

The new start-up business must receive substantive support from a private domestic Canadian investment company, known as a Designated Organization. Designated Organizations are all registered with Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees Canada (IRCC) to sponsor Start-Up Visas. IRCC recognizes 3 types of Designated Organizations:

  1. Angel Investor Groups, which are private companies that will agree to invest at least $75,000 in the start-up corporation in exchange for minority equity ownership of the start-up corporation.
  2. Venture Capital Funds, which are private companies that will agree to invest at least $200,000 in the start-up corporation in exchange for minority equity ownership of the start- up corporation.
  3. Business incubators, which are usually associated with a Canadian university and will evaluate the business project of the start-up company for acceptance into a business incubator programs that will offer office space, training and guidance to launch the business.

Why is the SUV Program Attractive?

  • Applicants are not selected based on the Express Entry points system.
  • The applicant’s age and education level are not determinative.
  • No prior education or work experience in Canada is required.
  • No specific work or managerial experience required.
  • No set investment amount or need to prove minimum net worth.
  • High Success Rate: Government uses designated organization to assess the business plan and due diligence report.
  • Processing times are fast. Processing takes 18 to 24 months from start until Permanent Residency.
  • Permanent Residency for Applicant, Spouse and all the kids below the age of 22 years.
  • Ability to settle anywhere in Canada.
  • Option to receive temporary work permits and get access to Canada while your PR application in pending.
  • Success of business is not mandatory.

Program requirements

  • Have an existing innovative business or Innovative business idea
  • The business has potential to create jobs for Canadians
  • Potential to compete on a global scale
  • Business idea supported by a designated organization (a venture capital fund, an angel investor, or a business incubator). The Designated Organization plays the role of helping to guide the launch of the start-up business.
  • English language proficiency CLB 5 in IELTS General Training Exam
  • Criminal and security check, medical clearance
  • Have sufficient funds to settle in Canada

How Do You Get Started?

  1. Register with us and complete Evaluation.
  2. Fill up Questionnaire and Submit documents.
  3. Speak to our expert Immigration Attorney.
  4. Engage our Services to Prepare SUV Application.
  5. Submit Application to Designated Organization.
  6. Receive Letter of Support from Designated Organization.
  7. File Permanent Residency Application with IRCC.
  8. Land in Canada as Permanent Resident in 18-24 months.