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具有杰出能力人才的非移民类签证— O-1签证




O-1A: 适用于那些在科学,艺术,教育,商业,体育方面表现出非凡能力的申请人 O-1B: 适用于那些在电影或电视行业或艺术领域表现出非凡能力的申请人 O-2: 适用于O-1 艺术家和运动员的陪同人员,帮助其参与演艺和特殊活动。 O-3:适用于O-1A和O-1B签证持有人的配偶和子女



  1. 获得普利策奖或奥运奖章(A major internationally recognized award, such as an Olympic medal or a Pulitzer Prize)
  2. 如果没有普利策奖或奥运奖章,满足以下三项:
    • 获得国内级别认可的卓越奖项(Received a nationally recognized prize or award for excellence)
    • 在其领域高度杰出的组织和协会担任会员(Membership in associations that require outstanding achievements of their members in a particular field of expertise)
    • 在其领域评判其他人的工作(Participated, on a panel or individually, as a judge of the work of others in your field)
    • 主要的媒体报道过申请人在其领域的工作和贡献(Published material in professional or major trade publications or major media regarding you and your work)
    • 在科学,学术,或商业领域做出了原创性的重大贡献(Made an original scientific, scholarly, or business-related contribution of major significance to the field)
    • 发表学术文章(Authored scholarly articles in professional journals or major media)
    • 曾经在知名的公司或机构中担任要职(Has been previously employed in a critical or essential capacity for an organization with a distinguished reputation),
    • 在同行业中获得高薪(Command or have commanded a high salary or other outstanding remuneration for your services)


  1. 获得一次性奖项,例如奥斯卡,格莱美 (Have received significant national or international awards or prizes in the particular field, such as an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar)
  2. 如果没有上述的一次性奖项,需要满足以下3项:
    • 曾经参与具有声誉的制作或活动(Has performed services as a lead or starring participant in productions or events with distinguished reputations as shown by critical reviews, ads, publicity releases, publications, contract or endorsements)
    • 获得国家或国际认可的成就(National or international recognition for achievements through critical reviews, other published materials by or about the beneficiary in major trade papers, trade journals, magazines, and so forth)
    • 在具有杰出声誉的组织和机构中担任重要角色(Has performed in a lead, starring or critical role for organizations and establishments that have a distinguished reputation evidenced by media articles, testimonials, and similar write-ups)
    • 受益人拥有重大商业或好评的成就(Has a record of major commercial or critically acclaimed success)
    • 成就已取得组织,评论家,政府机构或该领域被公认的专家的认可(Has achieved significant recognition from organizations, critics, government agencies and recognized experts)
    • 在同行业中获得高薪(Has commanded or will command a high salary or other remuneration in comparison to others in the field)


由于O-1签证没有延期的最高限制,也就是说,如果受益人愿意,可以一直在美国工作。对于没有税务顾虑的 受益人,也可以随时通过EB-1A类别申请绿卡。绿卡持有人被美国税法要求缴纳全球收入,而持有非移民类签证的O-1受益人,只缴纳美国收入部分的税。

由于证明受益人满足O-1签证的几项标准,申请中的准备文件较多而复杂,需要专业律师的指导和建议相应策略。欢迎联系Donoso & Partners LLC为您评估咨询。

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