Entrepreneur or Self-Employed Candidates Seeking to Operate a Business in Canada (C-11)

This work permit category has two streams. The first is for those who are only seeking temporary entry to Canada and the second is for those who are seeking eventual permanent residence in Canada based on an Entrepreneurial or Self-Employed permanent residence program.


Temporary Workers


Those seeking temporary entry to Canada to operate their own business must prove to an immigration officer that the business would generate a significant economic, social, or cultural benefits to Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

Factors in determining whether the business will create a significant benefit could include the following:

  • The viability of the business
  • The uniqueness of the business purpose or service
  • The business’ potential for economic stimulus (job creation, regional development, increased export markets)
  • The applicant’s skills and how they affect the viability of the business
  • Whether a business plan exists
  • The steps already taken to start fulfilling the business plan
  • The potential for advancement of a Canadian industry

Eligibility for this program requires that the individual own at least 50% of the business. The applicant must also prove to the satisfaction of an officer that they will leave Canada should their immigration status not be extended.


Temporary to Permanent Residence


This work permit category is also used for those who have a long-term intent to remain in Canada and are either in the process of applying for permanent residence through an entrepreneurial or self-employed permanent residence program. Application under this program would allow the applicant to enter Canada and begin developing their business as per the requirements of their Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), or where there is need for early entry to Canada, in advance of a determination of the entrepreneurial based permanent residence program.


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