What are the benefits to being a Canadian Permanent Resident?

Canadian permanent residents enjoy many of the same benefits as Canadian citizens and each Permanent Resident has the potential to gain Canadian citizenship should they chose to pursue it.


Holding Canadian permanent residence means that you have indefinite capacity to live and work in Canada subject to residency requirements. This means that you are no longer required to maintain work permits, study permits, or visas. You have the ability to both work and study simultaneously if desired.


Permanent residency allows you to have better access to mortgages and property ownership, and to avoid the foreign buyer’s property tax which has been implemented in some Provinces.


The possession of permanent residence provides mobility across the country and does not limit one’s ability to work in multiple locations across the country.


Canadian permanent residents have access to Canada’s highly esteemed educational facilities at local resident rates and can avoid the cost of international tuition fees. In addition, you are able to gain full membership in applicable professional colleges, many of which require their full members to be Canadian permanent residents.

Canada is routinely regarded as one of the top ten countries to live in in the world and offers many benefits such as:

    • A tolerant and welcoming society
    • Cultural diversity
    • Plentiful natural resources
    • Employment and business opportunity
    • Low crime rates
    • High standards of education
    • Provincially supported universal healthcare systems
    • Financial stability given the Federal regulations of Canadian banks


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