Executive Order “Travel Ban” Takes Effect, with Key Exceptions

In late June, following an order by the United States Supreme Court, the Department of Homeland Security and Department of State issued guidance regarding the enforcement of Executive Order 13780. Under this Order, certain nationals of Sudan, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen will be subject to stricter controls on entering the U.S. The Order has many important exceptions, including: i) individuals who were lawfully in the U.S. or who held valid U.S. visas on certain specific dates, ii) individuals who are the beneficiaries of immigrant visa categories such as family and work green cards, and iii) individuals who have a “credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity within the U.S.” Consult with an attorney at I.A. Donoso & Associates to inquire whether your circumstances are impacted by Executive Order 13780.

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