February 2015 Visa Bulletin Warns of China Cut-off Date in EB-5

The U.S. Department of State recently issued the Visa Bulletin for the up-coming month of February 2015. The February 2015 Visa Bulletin continues to show that the EB-5 visa category is current and available for Citizens of China.

As expected, the U.S. Department of State introduced a new warning to EB-5 applicants of the possibility of a waiting list for Chinese citizens in the EB-5 category in 2015. The February 2015 Visa Bulletin does not specify when such a waiting list may arise. It only states that the waiting list for Chinese citizens may occur “no later than the summer months” – which could be any date between May and August of 2015.

The exact statement from the February 2015 Visa Bulletin is set out below:

Employment Fifth:

Current – for most countries. The expected increase in
China-mainland born demand would require the
establishment of a cut-off date for such applicants
no later than the summer months.

The category will remain “Current” for all other countries
for the foreseeable future.

Once a waiting list occurs, it is expected to be a 2 year waiting list. The applicant’s place on the visa waiting list is determined by the date on which they filed their I-526 visa petition – known as the Priority Date. Thus, EB-5 visa applicants who are Citizens of China are advised to file their cases sooner rather than later to attain an earlier Priority Date.

We will continue to regularly publish updates on the potential waiting list for EB-5 visas for Citizens of China

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