E Visa Processing Now Only Available in Monterrey, Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana

Starting July 7, 2015, all applications for E1 Treaty Trader visas and E2 Treaty Investor visas in Mexico will be processed at only 3 U.S. Consulates in Mexico:

  • E1 treaty trader visa processing will be handled by the Consulates General in Monterrey and Tijuana
  • E2 treaty investor visa processing will be handled by the Consulate General in Ciudad Juarez.
  • The U.S. Embassy in Mexico City will not process nonimmigrant E visa applications received in Applicant Service Centers on or after July 07, 2015.

After July 7, 2015, the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City, and other U.S. Consulates in Mexico, will no longer receive or process E1 Treaty Trader and E2 Treaty Investor visa applications.

Monterrey and Tijuana

For more information regarding the transition of E1 treaty trader visas to Monterrey and Tijuana, please contact the consulates in Monterrey and Tijuana through the appropriate “E1” forms at



Ciudad Juarez

For more information regarding the transition of E2 treaty investor visas to Ciudad Juarez, please contact the consulate in Ciudad Juarez by selecting the “Other” form under “Ciudad Juarez” at


Full list of consulates

For a full list of consulates and their contact information please visit:




I.A. Donoso & Associates provide assistance with review and advice regarding eligibility under EB-5 category.


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